Functional Training Playground

Group Classes

Diverse range of tailored group fitness classes

We customise the session to suit each individual members needs, beginner through to advanced,
— Monday, Friday, Saturday
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Cardio HIIT

A fun, high intensity cardio circuit, combining a mix of functional movements and cardio equipment, to give you an energetic, full body workout in just 45 minutes.

With new circuit layouts each week, this class is perfect for anyone who struggles with motivation, is bored of repetitive workouts or even if you’ve never trained before, we’ll ensure you get the most out of your session and have fun whilst improving your fitness.

— Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
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Our 45 minute strength sessions are specifically designed with a balanced focus on building muscle strength and endurance. Guided by our qualified Coaches, you will learn safe, strong lifting techniques and movement patterns, and be supported to achieve more than you believed you could.
Our FTP Studio has multiple rigs installed, with the capacity to train compound lifts, as well as free weights to target all your accessory lifts. In just 45 minutes you’ll be feeling sweaty, accomplished and stronger already!

— Wednesday
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Our most popular day of the week, Boxfit provides it all! In this energetic atmosphere the positive endorphins are infectious! Boxing, Kickboxing, partner focus pad work, cardio and conditioning, with the music to match, on Wednesdays you can train out any frustrations you may have and leave with a smile on your face.

Whether you’re a boxing pro or a beginner, our Boxfit session is catered for you, with combos, targets, and personal coaching throughout the session to ensure you get the most out of your 45 minutes.

— Tuesday, Thursday
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Open gym and Personal Training

Our FTP Open Gym is available to all members on Tuesday and Thursday nights. With our qualified Coaches on the floor to spot, guide and support, the time and space is available for you to work on your individual training goals and extras.

30 minute Personal training sessions can be booked for any time throughout the day outside of class times. These personal training sessions provide the time to specifically target strength building, learning technique, improving cardio fitness, specific sports goals, improving stretching and mobility, pilates and injury rehab, nutrition guidance and body scans with goal setting.

— Monday, Friday, Saturday
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Outdoor Bootcamps

At FTP we run monthly outdoor bootcamps for all members, friends, family and people within the community…whether you’re a FTP member or not, everyone is welcome to come along!

These 60 minute bootcamp sessions incorporate cardio and strength training, relays, team work and challenges. We bring equipment and weights from our studio and utilise the outdoor park settings of the chosen location.

Beginning our Sunday morning in the fresh air, surrounded by many members of the community is always a successful and fun morning.

*PT Sessions can be booked in with a coach around class times, & coach’s availability.